Efficacy of Risk Reduction Sun Exposure

Exposure to the sunlight has been implicated in the high incidence of skin cancers, which most commonly include cutaneous melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.38-40 There is no direct evidence, however, that personal sun protection behaviors can reduce the incidence of melanoma, and evidence that sun protection behaviors modify the incidence of other skin cancers is mixed.41,42 For example, a randomized controlled trial of daily sunscreen use in a general population in Australia showed no effect on risk of basal cell carcinoma over 5 years of intervention and follow-up.43 Another randomized controlled trial, however, of sunscreen applied daily to the head, neck, hands, and arms reduced the number of new squamous cell carcinomas over a 5-year period.44 A third randomized trial observed that sunscreen use decreased the incidence of, and increased the regression rate of, solar keratoses.45,46

How To Prevent Skin Cancer

How To Prevent Skin Cancer

Complete Guide to Preventing Skin Cancer. We all know enough to fear the name, just as we do the words tumor and malignant. But apart from that, most of us know very little at all about cancer, especially skin cancer in itself. If I were to ask you to tell me about skin cancer right now, what would you say? Apart from the fact that its a cancer on the skin, that is.

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