Cancerorg Features is a source of general cancer information for a variety of interest groups: patients, families or friends of patients, survivors, health care information seekers, healthcare professionals, and supporters. Below we highlight certain features of

Context data and private data management. Users can create accounts and set preferences that include interest groups, type of cancer, location, and language. Users can also manage a "Planner," which includes a calendar, to-do list, e-mail groups, and bookmarks.

Cancer-related information based on context data. The home page points to directories for each of the interest groups listed above. For example, the "health information seeker" category points to information about risk, prevention, detection, myths, and statistics. The "patients, family, and friends" directory points to treatment decision support as well as information useful in preparation for or during treatment. The "survivor" directory includes information about healthy lifestyles as well as tapping into the cancer survivor community. If a user selects an interest group, then by default they are directed to the appropriate directory.

"In My Community" boxes present regional information based on the specified zip code. "Getting Specific" boxes

TABLE 10.3. WWW Cancer information

resources for laypersons.


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