Antimetastasis Directed Therapies

Investigations of metastatic genes and the mechanisms driven by these genes have afforded new therapeutic modalities for the treatment of cancer. Novel therapies have been directed against specific molecules implicated in the metasta-tic process, for example, erb-B2,213,214 the epidermal growth factor receptor,215 and caveolin l.216 New treatments have sought to modulate the expression of classes of metastatic-related molecules such as the metalloproteinases217,218 and metalloproteinase inhibitors.219 To reduce metastatic tumor growth, innovative approaches such as activating the transcription of metastasis suppressor genes220 and deactivating putative metastatic switches, for example, hypoxia-inducible factor,221 have also been employed. Therapies have also been directed against specific steps of the metastatic cascade. One primary target has been angiogenesis,222 with focused approaches aimed at neutralizing the effects of proangiogenic molecules such as VEGF223-225 to curtail tumor growth and metastasis and increase patient survival. Phage display technologies have made possible the identification of tumor vascular homing peptides, and these peptides have been employed to exploit tumor-associated angiogenesis and to selectively deliver anticancer agents to tumor sites.226,227 Accompanying the further clarification of the molecular biology of the metastatic process is the development of potentially more effective and potent antimetastatic clinical interventions.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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