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Cancer informatics leukemia while there are seven PDQ documents for patients on leukemia, each focused on a different leukemia.

Search box. A search box allows users to identify pages relevant to a set of keywords. The search may return both "Best Bets," NCI pages that staff have judged most likely to provide the desired information based on the query, as well as a list of pages matching the set of keywords. An advanced search page allows users to restrict the scope of the search based on NCI organization (e.g., to the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences), to a database of clinical trials, to subsets of the PubMed publication database, to specific cancer topics (for example, tobacco), or to a database of genetics services.

Browsing support. A directory allows the same documents to be browsed from different points of view, for example, by type of cancer, by treatment, or by etiology.

Examples. Certainly laypersons are encouraged to consult health professionals on cancer-related questions, but laypersons should have many more questions than their physicians have time to answer. We describe how to obtain information related to typical questions by browsing or using the search box.

Example 1. Should I limit use of my cell phone to reduce my risk of cancer?

By browsing:

• Go to

• Follow the link to "Prevention, Genetics, Causes"

• Follow the link to "Cancer Causes and Risk Factors"

• Follow the link to "Cellular Telephone Use and Cancer"

By searching:

• Enter "cell phone" in the search box.

• Follow the link to, for example, "Cellular Telephone Use and Cancer"

Example 2. One of my moles looks a little different than it did 5 years ago. Should I make an appointment to see my doctor?

• Enter "mole" in the search box

• Follow the link to "What You Need To Know About

Moles and Dysplastic Nevi"

• Follow the link to "Pictures of Melanoma"

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