Radiation Safety Considerations For The Patient

Under current regulations of most countries, standard radiopharmaceuticals for radiation synovectomy may be administered in the outpatient setting and hospi-talization is not required. As P-32, Y-90, and Er-169 are 3 emitters, and the bremsstrahlung they produce is not of significance for other persons, no precautions are necessary when these patients are released, except for good hygiene to avoid urine contamination. The only concern during the first two days after treatment is a possible urinary excretion of radioisotopes dissociated from the radio-colloid. Therefore, men should urinate sitting down, and the toilet should be flushed two or three times. Handwashing should be performed routinely after urination. There is no need for the use of separate toilets. Measurements of radiation coming from patients who have received gamma-emitting Dy-165 or Re-186 indicate that no additional home precautions are required other than those noted before. For Dy-165, the maximum radiation dose to other persons at 1-m distance was found to be lower than 0.1 mSv (75). Owing to these data there is no need to avoid proximity to one's spouse, children, or pregnant women.

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