Iodine-125 (Ti/2 = 60 days; X-rays = 30 keV) is cyclotron produced. In spite of the absence of any particle emission, the low-energy characteristic X-rays make it suitable for use in brachytherapy applications in cavitary malignancies, for example, resection cavity of glio blastoma or primary breast cancer. For this purpose, it is used as an after-loading technique into an indwelling balloon catheter placed at the time of surgery. Concerns of significant leakage has been addressed by forming a stable compound and using double-layered extra strong balloon (17). The amount of radioactivity and the dwell time is based on the balloon size of the Gliasite system, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for such use in patients' malignant brain tumor. I-125

has also been used in the sealed form as seeds for postsurgical treatment of brain tumors and primary treatment of prostate cancer.

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