Instructions for Use Handling

According to national radiation safety regulations, 224RaCl can only be delivered to, handled, and administered by authorized persons in defined clinical settings. Handling, administration, and disposal of waste are submitted to the regulations of the local supervising authority and/or to the corresponding licenses.

The radiopharmaceutical has to be administered under aseptic conditions. The administration of radioactive drugs, in general, includes a risk for third persons owing to the radiation and possible contaminations by ingestation. In case of 224RaCl, the risk of third persons is very low, because the a particles have a range of only 50 mm and the portion of ยก3 and g radiation is very low. Therefore, in Germany, 224RaCl can be administered on an out-patient basis. Nevertheless, the directives of radiation protection and the respective radiation protection guidelines in medicine are to be respected. After application, all materials that have been used for preparation and application of the treatment dose must be decontaminated or treated as radioactive waste. Radioactive waste and leftovers of the radioactive drug and excretions of patients have to be treated as radioactive waste according to regulations.

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