In view of the aforementioned aspects, it seems reasonable to suggest the following measures during the injection procedure (Tables 2 and 3):

• appropriate shielding of injection barrel (plastic + lead);

• goggles for the person injecting the radiopharmaceutical;

• protection of the skin of the patient around the venipuncture site (drape);

• establishment of an IV line (preferably not located in the antecubital fossa, to avoid damage to local important anatomic structures), with a three-way stopcock, checked for proper placement with saline flush.

Proper procedure is important as it is difficult to confirm extravasation of P-32, given that the detection of P-32 outside the body is difficult (beta particles do not penetrate skin, with very little photon production for imaging).

As for any other therapy with radiopharmaceuticals or chemotherapy, the patient should have detailed information about the therapy before receiving it. Written informed consent from the patient must be obtained.

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