Evaluating The Patient For Treatment

In order to ensure that the patients are most appropriately treated with the approved radioimmunoconjugates, collaboration with a hematologist or medical oncologist who is experienced in the treatment of lymphoma should be employed. Importantly, one should ensure that patients have the appropriate diagnosis of a B-cell lymphoma. This should include confirmation of target antigen expression, CD20, in the lymphoma tissue, either by immunocytochemistry or flow cytometry. A review of pathology reports should be sufficient to satisfy this requirement. Second, one should ensure that patients have less than 25% bone marrow involvement in the lymphoma by bilateral bone marrow biopsies. Again, this can be satisfied by the review of a pathology or hematology report from patient's recent bone marrow studies. Finally, patients should have platelet counts above 100,000/mL and neutrophil counts above 1500/mL, which can be determined by a routine complete blood count with differential. Ideally, patients would also have relatively normal hepatic and renal function as well as cardiopul-monary reserve, though this is not an absolute requirement.

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