Following IV administration, the radiopharmaceutical clears rapidly from whole blood and plasma, and is incorporated into the nucleic acids of proliferating cells and into the cortical bone. The agent is incorportated into the hydroxyapatite molecule. The ratio of phosphorus uptake in tumorous bone relative to normal bone is about 2:1. It was, and, in some countries, is still in use for the palliation of painful

Table 3 Administration of Phosphorus-32 Obtain written informed consent

Protection of the skin of the patient around the venipuncture

Place an intravenous line

Check placement with saline flush

Table 4 Instructions to the Patient

Give instructions concerning hygiene in written form

If possible, use a separate toilet; men should urinate sitting down; double flushing of the toilet; proper hand washing Give advice to follow instructions for at least the first two days bone metastases. The main effect of the radiopharmaceutical in PV is to suppress hyperproliferative cell lines. The biological half-life of the radiopharmaceutical in bone marrow is seven to nine days, corresponding to a red marrow absorbed dose of 11.0mGy/MBq.

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