Triceps Tendon Ruptures

Triceps tendon ruptures are extremely rare.29 Anzel et al. reviewed 1014 tendon injuries treated at the Mayo

Clinic.30 Eighty-five percent of the injuries involved the upper extremity, but only eight (less than 0.8%) involved the triceps, and four of the eight were lacerations. Given the small number of reported cases, the male-to-female ratio is difficult to gauge, but estimates range from 2:131 to 2:3.13 The injury has been reported in patients ranging in age from 13 to 72 years, but the average age is 33 years.13,31-37 Viegas reported two adolescents who presented with an avulsion fracture from a maturing olecra-non,31 and Clayton and Thirupathi reported the injury in a 72-year-old patient.34

Various disorders have been associated with triceps tendon rupture. Chronic renal failure and hyperparathy-roidism have been associated with tendon ruptures.35,36,38 Clayton and Thirupathi attributed the rupture in their patient to chronic olecranon bursitis.34 Other authors believe that a combination of trauma and osteogenesis imperfecta can contribute to a triceps tendon rupture.39 We found one case report of a rupture associated with ulnar neuritis, but the patient was a competitive powerlifter who previously had undergone an ulnar neurolysis and had a history of taking anabolic steroids.40

The mechanism of injury is either an eccentric loading of the triceps tendon or a direct blow to the posterior aspect of the arm. Fractures of the ipsilateral radial neck and head and of the distal radius have been reported with triceps tendon ruptures.41 Rupture most frequently occurs at the tendo-osseous junction; however, it can occur anywhere along the length of the musculotendinous unit.42

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