Treatment options for UCL insufficiency include repair of the acute ligament disruption and reconstruction using a free autogenous tendon graft. Results of surgical repair have not been as encouraging as reconstruction.11 Indications for repair remain narrow and include an acute proximal avulsion in which the tissue is of good quality and no calcification is present in the ligament. This presentation is rare, and reconstruction generally is recommended because the success rate in returning an athlete to competition is higher with reconstruction and because the recovery time is nearly the same for the two procedures.11

The graft of choice in UCL reconstruction is the palmaris longus tendon.511 Minimal morbidity is associated with its removal; however, the surgeon must take care to avoid damaging the adjacent median nerve. In our clinical experience, harvest of the ipsilateral palmaris longus tendon does not lead to marked postoperative morbidity and has been used successfully at other institutions.11 The strength characteristics of the graft are excellent; the ultimate strength is four times that of the anterior bundle of the UCL.5 Other graft options include the contralateral palmaris longus tendon, the plantaris tendon, the lesser toe extensor tendons, or a 3- to 5-mm strip of the Achilles or hamstring tendon.

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