The throwing athlete subjects the elbow to a tremendous amount of valgus stress and extension. As a result, the olecranon becomes impinged in the posteromedial portion of the olecranon fossa of the distal humerus.7 Eventually, degenerative changes develop with resultant articular cartilage damage and osteophyte formation. This problem is known as the valgus extension overload syndrome, and it can lead to significant pain that limits throwing ability. The valgus extension overload test and valgus extension snap maneuver consistently produce discomfort in patients who have this disorder.1 With the patient in the seated position, the examiner applies a moderate amount of valgus stress to the elbow as he or she moves the elbow from 30° of flexion to full extension. This maneuver simulates posteromedial olecranon impingement and re-creates the pain that the athlete experiences during the late acceleration phase of throwing.

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Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

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