Indications and Contraindications

For a throwing athlete, the indications for operative intervention are clinical evidence of a posterior compartment lesion with posteromedial pain during throwing, posteromedial tenderness on examination, a positive VEO test, and radiographic evidence of impingement. Patients who have these findings and who do not improve with nonoperative management are deemed good candidates for arthroscopic surgery unless it is contraindicated.

FIGURE 10.3. (A) Radiographic appearance of an osteophyte (arrow) at the tip of the olecranon as seen on a 90° lateral radiograph. (B) Axial radiograph that shows an osteophyte on the medial aspect of the olecranon and trochlea.

Relative contraindications to arthroscopic treatment include severe bony or fibrous ankylosis or previous surgery that has distorted the native anatomy, such as a previous ulnar nerve transposition. In these situations, open resection may be required.

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