Further Rehabilitation

After completion of this initial rehabilitation interval, throwing is initiated under the surgeon's supervision and is advanced between weeks 14 and 20. The patient begins light tossing (i.e., from 30 to 40 ft without a windup) for 10 to 15 minutes during each of two or three sessions weekly.

The distance is increased to 60 ft at 5 months after surgery, and an easy windup is added at 6 months. Flexibility exercises are continued, and a total upper-body exercise program using normal training principles is started. The patient applies ice to the elbow after each training or throwing session to reduce inflammation. At 7 or 8 months after surgery, pitchers can return to the mound. The duration of the throwing sessions increases to 25 min, and effort progresses from 50% to 70% velocity by the eighth or ninth month. During the tenth and eleventh months, rehabilitation focuses on body mechanics and technique. The patient participates in longer throwing sessions and begins game simulation. Competitive throwing is permitted at 12 months if upper-body range of motion and strength are normal and if the arm is pain free. Elitelevel pitchers might need 18 months to fully regain pre-operative rhythm and accuracy.

Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

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