This outstanding text is the most comprehensive to date focusing on athletic and other injuries to the elbow. The book is very well organized, with a considerable amount of material providing a background and foundation for the procedures that are subsequently described. This text fills a void in the orthopaedic surgeon's library with regard to the detailed treatment of sports injuries. The book has been thoroughly edited to avoid redundancies and to provide a uniformity of style. This is reflected in the chapter length, the number of references, and the artwork. A

distinctive order and homogeneity are reflected in the care with which the book was conceived and edited. The subject matter is treated in a thorough manner, and adequate emphasis is placed on technique. Overall, this text is one that will be extremely worthwhile to surgeons managing elbow injuries, and it is relevant also for surgeons who are just beginning training and for increasing understanding in those who are more experienced. The editors have done an excellent job of satisfying their stated goals in writing this text.

Rochester, Minnesota

May, 2001

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Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

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