Cubital Fossa

The cubital fossa is a triangular space on the anterior aspect of the elbow (Fig. 1.8). A line joining the medial

Long head — of the triceps brachii

Lateral head of the -triceps brachii

Medial head-(deep head)

of the triceps brachii


Long head and lateral head of the triceps brachii muscle

Medial head (deep head) of the triceps brachii muscle Common tendon


Su btendinous olecranon bursa


FIGURE 1.6. (A) Triceps muscle on the posterior aspect of the arm. (B) Insertion of the three heads into the capsule. Medial view.

FIGURE 1.7. Anconeus muscle. Posterior aspect.

and lateral epicondyles of the humerus forms its proximal boundary. The lateral boundary is the medial border of the brachioradialis muscle, and the medial boundary is the lateral border of the pronator teres muscle. Its roof is demarcated by the deep fascia of the forearm and is reinforced by the bicipital aponeurosis. The brachialis and supinator muscles form its floor. The contents of the cubital fossa from medial to lateral are the median nerve, the brachial artery, the biceps tendon, the radial nerve, and the posterior interosseous nerve.

The biceps tendon is flat in the cubital fossa and rotates so that the anterior surface faces laterally to pass between the radius and ulna, inserting into the bicipital tuberosity on the radius. A rough area on the posterior aspect of the tuberosity can be visualized on the dry bone, and a small bursa protects the smooth area anterior to this.8 The biceps muscle is the primary supinator of the forearm.

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