Foreword v

Preface vii

Contributors xi

1 Anatomy of the Elbow Joint and Surgical Approaches 1

Gregory I. Bain and Janak A. Mehta

2 Biomechanics of the Elbow and Throwing Mechanisms 29

Steven W. Barrentine, Glenn S. Fleisig, Charles J. Dillman, and James R. Andrews

3 History and Physical Examination of the Elbow 41

Champ L. Baker and Grant L. Jones

4 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Elbow 55

Russell C. Fritz

5 Little League Elbow 69

Stephen J. Augustine, George M. McCluskey III, and Luis Miranda-Torres

6 Lateral and Medial Epicondylitis 79

George M. McCluskey III and Michael S. Merkley

7 Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries 89

Nathan M. Breazeale and David W. Altcheck

8 Lateral Collateral Ligament Reconstruction 101

Mark S. Cohen

9 Biceps Tendon and Triceps Tendon Ruptures 109

Bruce M. Leslie and Helen Ranger

10 Valgus Extension Overload Syndrome 123

James R. Andrews and Eric P. Launer

11 Cubital Tunnel Syndrome 131

Glenn C. Terry and Todd E. Zeigler

12 Pronator Syndrome 141

N. George Kasparyan and Andrew J. Weiland

13 Radial Nerve Compression about the Elbow 149

David C. Rehak

14 Arthroscopy of the Elbow 157

Arlon H. Jahnke Jr. and Nicholas Yokan

15 Diagnostic Arthroscopy of the Elbow 163

Matthew L. Ramsey and R. John Naranja

16 Arthroscopic Removal of Loose Bodies in the Elbow 171

Mark S. Schickendantz

17 Arthroscopic Treatment of Ankylosis of the Elbow 177

Felix H. Savoie III, Larry D. Field, and Charles W. Hartzog, Jr.

18 Arthroscopic Radial Head Resection 185

Larry D. Field and Felix H. Savoie, III

19 Problem Fractures of the Distal Humerus 195

Arnold-Peter C. Weiss and Hill Hastings II

20 Radial Head Fractures 207

Frances Sharpe and Stuart H. Kuschner

21 Supracondylar Fractures of the Humerus in Children 223

W. David Bruce and Hugh P. Brown

22 Pediatric Lateral Condylar Fractures 245

Michael Ehrlich and Donna Pacicca

23 Elbow Dislocation 253

Stuart H. Kuschner and Frances Sharpe

24 Treatment of Olecranon, Coronoid, and Proximal Ulnar Fracture-Dislocation 259

James B. Bennett and Thomas L. Mehlhoff

25 Nonunions of the Elbow 271

David Ring and Jesse B. Jupiter

26 Elbow Contracture Release: Open Operative Strategies 285

Kenneth J. Faber and Graham J.W. King

27 Tumors of the Elbow 295

Dempsey S. Springfield and Stephanie Sweet

28 olecranon Bursitis 303

Champ L. Baker, Jr. and Peter W. Hester

29 Rehabilitation of Elbow Injuries in Overhead-Throwing Athletes 309

Kevin E. Wilk and Terese Chmielewski index 321

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