Clinical Anatomy

The triceps tendon represents the confluence of the long, lateral, and medial triceps muscles in the distal third of the posterior aspect of the arm. The long head originates from the infraglenoid tubercle of the scapula. The lateral head arises from the posterior aspect of the humeral shaft. The medial head originates inferior to the lateral border of the humerus. Superior to the medial head is an oblique shallow groove that passes from superomedial to infero-lateral. This groove is known as the spiral groove and contains the radial nerve. Two aponeurotic layers enclose the tendon that attaches broadly upon the posterosuperior surface of the olecranon. A lateral band passes from the triceps tendon to the anconeus and blends with the dorsal forearm fascia. The radial nerve lies deep to the triceps muscle. In the distal third of the arm, the nerve passes laterally and anteriorly to pierce the lateral intermuscular septum and enter the anterior compartment of the arm.

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