Clinical Anatomy

The biceps brachii muscle originates on the scapula at the glenoid rim and coracoid process. It is the most superficial muscle belly' lying in the anterior portion of the middle third of the humerus. This muscle joins the distal tendon in the lower third of the arm. The tendon passes distally into the antecubital fossa. The antecubital fossa is defined by the brachioradialis radially and the pronator teres ulnarly. A sheath surrounds the biceps tendon as it passes through the antecubital fossa toward its insertion on the radial tuberosity. The lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve lies superficially in the subcutaneous tissue of the antecubital fossa. The nerve parallels the bra-chioradialis. An incision along the anterior edge of the brachioradialis can injure the nerve. While still superficial, the tendon is contiguous with the lacertus fibrosis that becomes confluent medially with the fascia overlying the flexor-pronator mass. The brachial artery lies just beneath the lacertus fibrosis at the level of the elbow flexion crease. The tendon travels just lateral (radial) to the median nerve within the antecubital fossa and passes beneath the recurrent radial artery before it attaches to the radial tuberosity. Full forearm supination allows visualization of the tendinous insertion on the radial tuberosity.

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