Vague anterior elbow or proximal forearm pain can result from entrapment of the median nerve at many sites. First, as discussed earlier, the median nerve can become compressed under the ligament of Struthers. In this case, resisted flexion of the elbow between 120° and 135° of flexion aggravates the symptoms.15 Active elbow flexion with the forearm in pronation, which tightens the lacer-tus fibrosus, elicits symptoms resulting from compression of the nerve by the lacertus fibrosus.15 If resisted pronation of the forearm combined with flexion of the wrist reproduces the symptoms, the nerve can become compressed as it passes through the pronator teres muscle.15,20 Finally, if resisted flexion of the superficialis muscle of the third digit aggravates the pain, the nerve can become entrapped in the superficialis arch.15

Anterior elbow pain also can be due to biceps or bra-chialis tendinitis. These diagnoses are suggested when re sisted forearm supination and elbow flexion produce increased pain.

Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

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