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Quantitative Absorption Data

In a subsequent demonstration that nickel can be absorbed through the skin (Table 2). N0rgaard applied 57Ni (unspecified compound) to two rabbits and two guinea pigs (39). After 24 hr, the kidneys, liver, and blood of all the animals were radioactive. Rabbit urine also contained 57Ni. Since the sites of application had been treated with a calcium thioglucolate depilatory, however, these experiments are not completely satisfactory for demonstrating absorption by normal untreated skin.

Therapeutic Use of Androgens in Women

Female hypogonadism, especially prepuberal, may be an indication for androgen therapy. Androgens are necessary for normal pubic hair induction and long bone growth in both sexes. In prepuberal females with hy-popituitarism in whom all other hormonal deficiencies (estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, adrenal, and growth hormone) have been corrected, normal sexual development and long bone growth are not complete without androgen hormone replacement. Estrogen administration during adolescence is necessary for the development of the breast, the gynecoid pelvis, and other female characteristics. However, maximal long bone growth and development of axillary and pubic hair will not occur without small amounts of androgen replacement. The use of methyltestosterone (Android) and di-ethylstilbestrol in combination has been demonstrated to be very effective in inducing complete secondary sexual development in these females. Finally, low doses of androgens have been used to facilitate impaired...

Symptomatology of Urogenital Atrophy

Vaginal atrophy is also associated with vulvar atrophic changes. These may include lichen sclerosis as well as hypertrophic dystrophies. As a consequence, external atrophic changes may also be seen, including reduction in pubic hair volume, labial fusion, loss of labial volume, irritative vulvar symptoms, and eventual reduction in introital diameter (Figure 11-1.1).

Physical examination

Breast development and pubic hair distribution should be assessed because they demonstrate exposure to estrogens and sexual maturity. Galactorrhea is a sign of hyperprolactinemia. 3. Hair distribution may reveal signs of androgen excess. The absence of both axillary and pubic hair in a phenotypically normal female suggests androgen insensitivity.

Human Mitochondrial DNA

She was found lifeless early the next morning the cause of death was asphyxiation. In addition, she had been raped and sodomized. No biological evidence of sexual assault was found in or on the victim's body. During the autopsy, a foreign pubic hair was found in the victim's pharynx and subjected to mitochondrial DNA typing. The hair mitochondrial DNA sequence compared favorably to defendant Ware's known sequence. That sequence had never been observed in any of the 742 samples previously typed and catalogued in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI's) database (State v. Ware25). In the context of the rest of the evidence against Ware, the mitochondrial DNA evidence helped convict him of first-degree murder.