Dietary Components That Protect from Cancer Polyphenols

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Chapter 13 Classification, Dietary Sources, Absorption, Bioavailability, and Metabolism of Flavonoids 273

Jeremy P.E. Spencer

Chapter 14 Isoflavones, Soybean Phytoestrogens, and Cancer 295

Fazlul H. Sarkar and Yiwei Li

Chapter 15 Implications of Flavonoids as a Sex Hormone Source 313

David Jenkins and Roxanne LaBelle

Chapter 16 Flavonoids as Inhibitors of Tumor Metastasis 325

Jin-Rong Zhou

Chapter 17 Catechins and Inhibitory Activity against Carcinogenesis 351

Jen-Kun Lin

Chapter 18 Cancer Chemoprotective Activity of Stilbenes: Resveratrol 369

Catherine A. O'Brian, Jubilee R. Stewart, and Feng Chu

Chapter 19 Flaxseed and Lignans: Effects on Breast Cancer 385

Krista A. Power and Lilian U. Thompson

Chapter 20 Anthocyanins and Cancer Prevention 411

Colin D. Kay and Bruce J. Holub

PART VI Dietary Components That Protect from Cancer: Isothiocyanates

Chapter 21 Isothiocyanates and Cancer Prevention 435

Marilyn E. Morris and Urvi Telang

PART VII Dietary Components That Protect from Cancer: Saponins

Chapter 22 Anticancer Activity of Ginseng and Soy Saponins 457

David G. Popovich and David D. Kitts

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