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Seminal vesicles vas deferens and ejaculatory ducts

The seminal vesicles are lobulated sacks 5.0cm long with a terminal duct positioned inferiorly. They lie obliquely behind the bladder and converge towards the mid line. The superior parts of the seminal vesicles lie posterior to the ureters and above the level of the peritoneal reflection within the rectovesical space. They are therefore separated from the rectum by a double layer of peritoneum. The inferior part of each seminal vesicle lies below the peritoneal reflection and is separated from the rectum by Denonvilliers' fascia. The duct of the seminal vesicle joins the vas deferens to form the ejaculatory ducts. The paired ejaculatory ducts arise adjacent to the neck of the bladder and run in close proximity passing antero-inferiorly through the prostate where they converge and open onto the prostatic utricles.

Male orgasm

Although it has been stated that the larger the ejaculate volume is, the greater is the pleasure, (20) the studies were flawed because they used men who increased semen volume by abstaining from ejaculation for days. This confounds the effects of semen volume with that of ejaculatory abstinence which itself enhances subsequent sexual pleasure. Semen volume does not appear to be either the trigger for ejaculation or the arbiter of pleasure. Drugs can induce a dry ejaculation but the pleasure of the orgasm is unimpaired,(39) and in young boys the pleasure of the early dry orgasm is not noticeably changed when semen is added to the ejaculation around puberty.(41)

Rapid ejaculation

It is evident from the examination of the criteria of ICD-10 and DSM-IV that rapid ejaculation can be diagnosed by two different dimensions ejaculatory latency or voluntary control. According to ICD-10, ejaculation must occur 'within 15 seconds of the beginning of intercourse,' while DSM-IV is equivocal on duration, stating that 'ejaculation occurs with minimal sexual stimulation before, on, or shortly after penetration'. ICD-10 makes no mention of voluntary control, while DSM-IV notes that ejaculation occurs 'before the person wishes'. Both nosologies, however, require the man to be distressed for at least 6 months, and both require the clinician to make a judgement regarding the independence of this condition from other mental, behavioural, or physiological disorders. Treatment research has been hampered by the lack of a scientifically sound and universally acceptable definition as to which criterion, ejaculatory latency or voluntary control, should be used to diagnose rapid...

Clinical premotor symptoms

Female PD patients mainly report difficulties with arousal, whereas males complain about erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, all of which result in difficulties reaching orgasm and or attaining sexual satisfaction in half of the patients (Bronner, 2004).

Chapter References

Grenier, G. and Byers, S. (1995). Rapid ejaculation a review of conceptual, etiological, and treatment issues. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 24, 447-72. 60. McCarthy, B. (1989). Cognitive-behavioral strategies and techniques in the treatment of early ejaculation. In Principles and practice of sex therapy update for the 1990s (ed. S. Leiblum and R. Rosen), pp 141-67, Guilford Press, New York. 61. Strassberg, D., Kelly, M., Carroll, C., and Kircher J. (1987). The psychophysiological nature of premature ejaculation. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 16, 327-36. 62. Strassberg, D., Mahoney, J.M., Schaugaard, M., and Hale, V.E. (1990). The role of anxiety in premature ejaculation a psychophysiological model. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 19, 251-8. 63. Gospodinoff, M. (1989). Premature ejaculation clinical subgroups and etiology. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 15, 130-4. 64. Fanciullacci, F., Colpi, G., Beretta, G., and Zanollo, A. (1988). Cortical evoked potentials in subjects with true...

Hypointense Seminal Vesicle

Mullerian duct cysts arise from the Mullerian duct remnants, which should regress in utero. These are a common cause of obstruction of the ejaculatory duct. They are spherical in shape and, if large in size, can lie superior to the prostate. They are connected to the verumontanum but do not communicate with the urethra. Mullerian duct cysts can contain hemorrhage and calculi and are associated with an increased risk of prostate carcinoma. Surgical correction of the cysts can relieve genital duct obstruction in men with infertility (69-71). Seminal vesicle or Wolffian duct cysts result from congenital atresia of the ejaculatory duct and are often associated with ipsilateral renal agenesis. The cysts are unilateral, located laterally in the seminal vesicle, commonly protrude into the bladder, and may present with symptoms of hematospermia, hematuria, and epid-idymitis. Wall irregularity or a mass associated with the cyst is suggestive of underlying adenocarcinoma. If large enough,...

Antiparkinsonian Therapy And Hypersexuality

Other reviews described increase in sexual interest and or activity in some patients after L-dopa treatment. Barbeau11 reported an increase in libido in four men after L-dopa therapy. However, erections were not sustained, and men had premature ejaculation. According to Yahr and Duvoisin,12 8 of 283 patients reported improvement in motor function with levodopa and increased sexual activity allowing a return to previous patterns. Hyyppa13 reported that 10 of 41 patients, 7 males and 3 females, treated with 4 to 5 g of L-dopa per day for 2 to 9 months reported increased libido. Three men and two women had markedly increased sexual activity. Two patients reported sexual dreams. One person reported a decrease in libido when L-dopa was decreased from 5 to 3 g.

Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Carole A Kimmel PhD Judy Buelke Sam

Gametogenesis Males And Females

The male reproductive system is comprised of the testis, accessory sex glands (seminal vesicles, prostate, and bulbourethral or Cowper's glands), and the duct system. In rodents, there are two additional accessory sex glands, the coagulating glands and the preputial glands. The duct system is comprised of the efferent ducts, epididymis (consisting of three parts head or caput epididymis, body or corpus epididymis, and tail or cauda epididymis), ductus deferens, and ejaculatory duct. A balanced interplay among the hypothalamus, anterior pituitary, and testis regulates the function of After sperm are released from the Sertoli cells into the lumen, they pass from the seminiferous tubules through the rete testis and efferent ducts into the epididymis, then through the ductus deferens and ejaculatory duct. The sperm undergo maturation in the epididymis and are stored there until ejaculation. The accessory sex glands contribute most of the volume to the semen, and their secretions may be...


The prostate is a pyramidal structure approximately 3.0-4.5 cm long composed of glandular and fibromuscular tissue. It is enclosed by a 2.0-3.0mm band of concentrically orientated fibromuscular stromal tissue, inseparable from the prostate gland that forms a false capsule. This is deficient at the apex allowing a route of extracapsular tumour spread. A fibrous prostatic sheath that is continuous with the puboprostatic ligaments surrounds the capsule. Between the prostatic capsule and sheath is the prostatic venous plexus. The prostate is broader superiorly with a base closely related to bladder neck. Inferiorly, the apex rests on the urogenital diaphragm in contact with fascia of the urethral sphincter and deep perineal muscles. Its anterior surface is separated from the symphysis pubis by loose areolar tissue in the retropubic space, which contains the puboprostatic ligament and part of the prostatic venous plexus. Infero-laterally the prostate rests on the levator ani muscles....


This phase begins with the movement of the various genital fluids into the ducts initiated by the neurally induced contraction of smooth muscles in the capsules of the testes, epididymis, and seminal vesicles. The secretions spurt into the prostatic urethra, and the sphincter of the bladder neck closes to prevent reflux into the bladder. When this happens the male experiences the sensation of 'ejaculatory inevitability' and knows that he will ejaculate within a second or two and that conscious suppression of the ejaculatory reflex is now impossible. The contractions of the smooth muscle of the glandular capsules together with the peristalsis of the vas deferens and urethra pushes the semen along into the penile urethra.

Clinical Studies

The sterility-associated troubles of sexual dynamics were usually accompanied by oligospermia, azoospermia, loss of erection and premature ejaculation. 60 of the cases presented a normal gonadotropic status associated with troubles of sexual dynamics and alteration of seminal fluid.

Prostate Problems

Impotence is often a psychological problem more than a physical one. Drugs, tobacco, diabetes, and atherosclerosis can affect blood circulation which influences erectile ability. The herb yohimbe has been shown to improve erectile and ejaculatory activity. Hypnotherapy may also be beneficial. Ginseng and the Ayurvedic herb ash-waganda can enhance sexual energy.

Electron Ejaculation

Endorectal Coil Medrad Pittsburgh

The prostate gland is an accessory exocrine gland of the male reproductive system, composed of glandular and fibromuscular tissue. The ejaculatory ducts course through the prostate gland to enter the prostatic urethra at the verumontanum, allowing prostatic secretions to liquefy semen. From a radiologic standpoint, the prostate is divided into two important components the central gland and the peripheral gland. The central gland is further divided into the transitional and central zones (38). The central zone surrounds the proximal urethra and ejaculatory ducts and encloses the transitional zone and peri-urethral glands. It is shaped like a funnel with its widest portion comprising the majority of the base of the prostate (39). In young men, the central gland is predominantly composed of the central zone, whereas, in older men with benign prosta-tic hypertrophy (BPH), the central gland is made largely of transitional zone. Ultimately, the central zone is no longer visible on MRI...

Delayed ejaculation

Diseases associated with delayed ejaculation include spinal cord injury and a variety of neurological conditions. Additionally, many classes of drugs are associated with ejaculatory delay, including antihypertensive agents, serotonin-selective reuptake inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants, phenothiazines, and the benzodiazepines 7,7.6.)


Increased risk for foot infections, foot ulcers, and amputation. 2. The feet should be evaluated regularly for sensation, pulses and sores. Semmes-Weinstein 10-g monofilament testing may be performed to accurately assess sensation. D. Autonomic neuropathy is found in many patients with long-standing diabetes. This problem can result in diarrhea, constipation, gastroparesis, vomiting, orthostatic hypotension, and erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction. Initial management of diarrhea consists of sugar-free psyllium e.g., Metamucil, Sugar Free), loperamide (e.g., Imodium), 2.0 mg twice day, or diphenoxylate atropine sulfate (e.g., Lomotil)2.5 mg twice day. Sildenafil (Viagra) is beneficial in patients with erectile dysfunction IV. Pharmacotherapy of diabetes A. Insulin

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