The Dos and Donts About Herbs

• Don't take if pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

• Don't give to babies or young children.

• Don't take large quantities.

• Buy herbs with the plant and quantities listed on the package.

• Don't stop taking prescribed medication before contacting the healthcare provider.

• Keep herbs away from children.

• Don't delay seeking healthcare if you experience adverse symptoms.

Make sure that the patient thinks of herbs as medicine that is less potent than conventional medication. However, adverse reactions can occur if conventional medication is taken with herbal therapy. For example, some conventional medication may act faster than expected when combined with herbal therapy.

The patient should not take any herbal where the following information is not included on the packaging:

• Scientific name of the product and the part of the plant used in the preparation

• Manufacturer's name and address

• Batch and lot number

• Date of manufacture and expiration.

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