Suppositories Route

Suppositories are used to administer medication via the rectum or the vagina, depending on the nature of the patient's condition or the type of medication. Rectal suppositories are the preferred route to administer medication when the patient's upper GI tract is not functioning properly or when the medication has an offensive taste or foul odor. It is also used when digestive enzymes change the chemical integrity of the medication.

The rectum promotes absorption of the medication because it contains many capillaries and can produce a high blood concentration of the medication. When administering a suppository rectally:

• Check the prescriber's order.

• Provide the patient privacy.

• Position the patient in the Sims position (left side lying).

• Wash hands and then apply clean gloves.

• Lubricate the suppository, if necessary.

• Ask the patient to breathe through his or her mouth. This relaxes the anal sphincter.

• Insert the suppository.

• ask the patient to remain in the Sims position for 20 minutes. When administering a suppository vaginally:

• Check the prescriber's order.

• Wash hands and then apply clean gloves.

• Place the patient in the lithotomy (on back with legs flexed at the knees) position.

• Insert the suppository using an applicator.

• Clean the vaginal area after the suppository is inserted.

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