Substances that Can Be Abused

Nearly all drugs that are abused produce a desirable effect such as altering the state of the mind and filling a void in a person's life. Some professionals believe a person who has a low threshold for frustration, a fear of failure, and a feeling of inadequacy are more prone to abuse drugs. Those who abuse drugs do so because they are:

• Pressured by their peers,

• Seeking pleasure,

• Affluent and want to experiment,

• Seeking to escape from reality,

• Feeling inadequate,

• Feeling ashamed and depressed,

• Seeking relief from conflicts.

There are four characteristics that describe drugs that are frequently abused.

1. The drug creates an altered state of consciousness.

2. Prolonged use of the drug creates a tolerance for the drug.

3. The desirable effect is quick.

4. Withdrawal symptoms develop if the drug is stopped after prolonged use. Administering the drug is a fast way to treat withdrawal symptoms.

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