1. A decrease in serum potassium is called

(a) hyperkalemia.

(b) hypokalemia.

(c) hypernatremia.

2. What is determined by the concentration of electrolytes and other solutes in water?

(a) osmotic pressure

(b) protein fluid

(c) potassium fluid

(d) calcium fluid

3. Electrolytes are found in

(a) intracellular fluid.

(b) interstitial fluid.

(c) intravascular fluid.

4. Sodium and chloride are most prevalent outside the cell.

5. The concentration of a hypotonic intravenous solution has the same concentration as intracellular fluid.

6. Which of the following is a volume expander?

(a) Blood and blood products

(b) Lipids

(c) Colloids

7. Potassium is necessary for conduction of nerve impulses:

8. Insulin and glucose administered parenterally

(a) forces potassium out of the cell.

(b) forces potassium into the cell.

(c) corrects the acidosis balance.

9. Vitamin D increases absorption of calcium in the GI tract.

The calcium balance can be affected by medications taken by the patient.

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