Aminoglycosides and Drug Drug Interactions

Aminoglycosides can have undesirable interactions with other medications. When taken with other aminoglycosides or capremycin (Capastat) the patient has an increased potential for hearing, kidney, and neuromuscular problems. Hearing loss can lead to total deafness long after the patient stops treatment with aminoglycosides.

Neuromuscular blockage may increase when aminoglycosides are given to patients who have received anesthetics (halogenated hydrocarbon) or citrate-anticoagulated blood through massive transfusions. Methoxyflurane (Penthrane) and polymyxins, given parenterally also increase the possibility for neuromus-cular blockage as well as kidney toxicity.

In addition, patients who are treated with aminoglycides can have interactions with the following medications:

• Amphotericin B parenteral (Fungizone)

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