Thoracic Wall

Longitudinal view Sternocostal joint

Fig. 2.1

Sternocostal longitudinal view. R = rib; S = sternum; CC = costal cartilage; PMM = pectoralis major muscle

THORACIC WALL Longitudinal view Sternoclavicular joint

Fig. 2.2

Sternoclavicular longitudinal view. C = clavicle; S = sternum; D = articular disk; CA = capsule; IL = interclavicular ligament

Axial view

Rectus abdomini muscles

Fig. 2.3

Axial view of rectus abdomini muscles. R = rectus abdominis muscle; TF=transversalis fascia; RS = rectus sheath; MUL = medial umbilical ligament-obliterated urachus; P = peritoneum

ABDOMINAL WALL Longitudinal view Rectus abdominis muscle

Fig. 2.4

Longitudinal view of rectus abdominis muscle. R = rectus abdominis muscle; RS = rectus sheath; PB = pubic bone; P = peritoneum

2.2 Upper extremity

SHOULDER Short axis view Subscapularis tendon

Fig. 2.5

Short axis view of subscapularis tendon. H = humerus; SB = subscapularis tendon; DM = deltoid muscle

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