Axial view Rotator interval

Axial view of rotator interval. H = humerus; SS = supraspinatus tendon short axis; SB = head biceps tendon; CHL = coraco humeral ligament subscapularis tendon short axis; T = long

SHOULDER Long axis view Infraspinatus tendon

ig. 2.9

Long axis view of infraspinatus tendon. H = humerus; IT = infraspinatus tendon; IM = infraspinatus muscle;* = subacromial subdeltoid bursa; DM = deltoid muscle

SHOULDER Short axis view

Infraspinatus and teres minor tendons

Short axis view of infraspinatus and teres minor tendons. S = scapula; IT = infraspinatus tendon; IM = infraspinatus muscle; TT=teres minor tendon; TM = teres minor muscle; DM = deltoid muscle

Short axis view

Long head of biceps tendon

Anterior circumflex humeral artery (Color Doppler). H = humerus; AC=anterior circumflex humeral artery; T = long head of biceps tendon; DM = deltoid muscle

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