Long axis view

Long head of biceps tendon

Fig. 2.12

Longitudinal view of long head of biceps tendon. H = humerus; T = long head of the biceps tendon; * = tendon sheath; DM = deltoid muscle

Axial view

Pectoralis major tendon

Fig. 2.13

Axial view of pectoralis major tendon. H = humerus; BM = short head of biceps muscle; CM = coracobrachialis muscle;* = pectoralis major tendon; DM = deltoid muscle

SHOULDER Longitudinal view Coraco-acromial ligament

Longitudinal view of coraco-acromial ligament. H = humerus; C = coracoid process; A = acromion; SS = supraspinatus tendon; CAL = coraco-acromial ligament; DM = deltoid muscle

Chapter 2

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