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Short axis view Achilles tendon

Fig. 2.76

Short axis view of the Achilles tendon. AT = Achilles tendon; FHL = flexor hallucis longus muscle; T = tibia

FOOT PLANTAR Longitudinal view Plantar fascia

Foot Doppler

Longitudinal view of the plantar fascia. PF = plantar fascia; C = calcaneus; FDB = flexor digitorum brevis muscle

FOOT PLANTAR Longitudinal view Metatarso-phalangeal joint

Longitudinal view of the foot (metatarsophalangeal joint). FLD = flexor longus digitorum tendon; C = capsule and synovial recess; M = metatarsal bone; P = phalanx; IM = interosseus muscle

Axial view

Inter-metatarsal space

Axial view of the foot. M =

metatarsal bone; FDT = flexor digitorum tendon; IS = inter-metatarsal space; PT = plantar soft tissue

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