Ankle Lateral

Short axis view Peroneal tendons

Medial Malleolus Bursitis Treatment
Fig. 2.72

Short axis view of the peroneal tendons. PBM = peroneus brevis muscle; PB = peroneus brevis; PL = peroneus longus; R = retinaculum; LM = lateral malleulus

Axial view Tarsal tunnel

Subctacius Bursa Medial Malleous

Axial view of the medial aspect of the ankle. TN = posterior tibial nerve; PTV = posterior tibial veins; PTA = posterior tibial artery; R = retinaculum; MM = medial malleolus; PTT = posterior tibial tendon; FDL = flexor digitorum longus tendon

ANKLE MEDIAL Long axis view Deltoid ligament

Tibio Talar Ligament
Longitudinal view of deltoid ligament. PTT = posterior tibial tendon; TC = tibio-calcanear ligament; TT = tibio-talar ligament; TA = talus; C = calcaneus; MM = medial malleolus
Medial Retinaculum Scaring

Long axis view of the Achilles tendon. AT = Achilles tendon; C = calcaneus; RCB = retrocalcaneal bursa; SM = soleus muscle; FHL = flexor hallucis longus muscle; K = Kager soft pad

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