Erskine John

We contemplate with satisfaction the law by which in our long history one religion has driven out another, as one hypothesis supplants another in astronomy or mathematics. The faith that needs the fewest altars, the hypothesis that leaves least unexplained, survives; and the intelligence that changes most fears into opportunity is most divine. We believe this beneficent operation of intelligence was swerving not one degree from its ancient course when under the name of scientific spirits, it once more laid its influence upon religion. If the shock here seemed too violent, if the purpose of intelligence here seemed to be not revision but contradiction, it was only because religion was invited to digest an unusually large amount of intelligence all at once. Moreover, it is not certain that devout people were more shocked by Darwinism than the pious mariners were by the first boat that could tack. ..if intelligence begins in a pang, it proceeds to a vision.

The Moral Obligation to be Intelligent The Moral Obligation to be Intelligent Section V (pp. 28-30, 31)

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