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MCM1 was the first member of the MADS family of transcription factors to be discovered. (MADS is an acronym for the initial four factors identified in this family.) The DNA-binding proteins composing this family dimerize and contain a similar N-terminal MADS domain. In Section 22.3 we will encounter other MADS transcription factors that participate in development of skeletal muscle. MADS transcription factors also specify cell types in floral organs (see Figure 15-28). MCM1 exhibits different activity in haploid a and a cells due to its association with a1 or a2 protein in a cells. Acting alone, MCM1 activates transcription of a-specific genes in a cells and of haploid-specific genes in both a and a cells (see Figure 22-11a, b). As a result of this combinatorial action, MCM1 promotes transcription of a-specific genes and represses transcription of a-specific genes in a cells. Now let's take a closer look at how MCM1 and the MAT-encoded proteins exert their effects.

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