Key Terms

apical complex 922 apoptosis 924 asymmetric cell division 900 ß-catenin 903 Bcl-2 family 928

caspases 928 cell lineage 899 "death" signals 930 determination 914 differentiation 899 ectoderm 906

embryonic stem (ES)

cells 901 endoderm 906 ganglion mother cell (GMC) 921 germ line 906 heterochronic mutants 908 MAT locus 910 mating factor 912 mating-type switching 920 meristems 905

mesoderm 906 micro RNAs

(miRNAs) 909 muscle regulatory factors (MRFs) 915 neurotrophins 926 pluripotent 900 precursor/progenitor cells 899 somatic cells 899 stem cells 899 trophic factors 924

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