Key Concepts Of Section 231

Tumor Cells and the Onset of Cancer

■ Cancer is a fundamental aberration in cellular behavior, touching on many aspects of molecular cell biology. Most cell types of the body can give rise to malignant tumor (cancer) cells.

■ Cancer cells usually arise from stem cells and other proliferating cells and bear more resemblance to these cells than to more mature differentiated cell types.

■ Cancer cells can multiply in the absence of at least some of the growth-promoting factors required for proliferation of normal cells and are resistant to signals that normally program cell death (apoptosis).

■ Certain cultured cells transfected with tumor-cell DNA undergo transformation (see Figure 23-4). Such transformed cells share certain properties with tumor cells.

■ Cancer cells sometimes invade surrounding tissues, often breaking through the basal laminae that define the boundaries of tissues and spreading through the body to establish secondary areas of growth, a process called metastasis. Metastatic tumors often secrete proteases, which degrade the surrounding extracellular matrix.

■ Both primary and secondary tumors require angiogene-sis, the formation of new blood vessels, in order to grow to a large mass.

■ The multi-hit model, which proposes that multiple mutations are needed to cause cancer, is consistent with the genetic homogeneity of cells from a given tumor, the observed increase in the incidence of human cancers with advancing age, and the cooperative effect of oncogenic transgenes on tumor formation in mice.

■ Most oncogenic mutations occur in somatic cells and are not carried in the germ-line DNA.

■ Colon cancer develops through distinct morphological stages that commonly are associated with mutations in specific tumor-suppressor genes and proto-oncogenes (see Figure 23-7).

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