▲ EXPERIMENTAL FIGURE 20-10 Fluorescence microscopy reveals in vivo growth and shrinkage of individual microtubules. Fluorescently-labeled tubulin was microinjected into cultured human fibroblasts. The cells were chilled to depolymerize preexisting microtubules into tubulin dimers and were then incubated at 37 °C to allow repolymerization, thus incorporating the fluorescent tubulin into all the cell's microtubules. A region of the cell periphery was viewed in the fluorescence microscope at 0 second, 27 seconds later, and 3 minutes 51 seconds later (left to right panels). In this period, several microtubules elongate and shorten. The letters mark the position of ends of three microtubules. [From P J. Sammak and G. Borisy, 1988, Nature 332:724.]

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