▲ FIGURE 9-31 Comparison of the regions of human NF1 protein and S. cerevisiae Ira protein that show significant sequence similarity. The NF1 and the Ira sequences are shown on the top and bottom lines of each row, respectively, In the one-letter amino acid code (see Figure 2-13). Amino acids that are Identical in the two proteins are highlighted in yellow. Amino acids with chemically similar but nonidentical side chains are connected by a blue dot. Amino acid numbers in the protein sequences are shown at the left and right ends of each row. Dots indicate "gaps" in the protein sequence inserted in order to maximize the alignment of homologous amino acids. The BLAST p-value for these two sequences is 10~28, indicating a high degree of similarity. [From Xu et al., 1990, Cell 62:599.]

TABLE 9-2 Protein Sequence Motifs

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