▲ EXPERIMENTAL FIGURE 15-22 Gap genes and pair-rule genes are expressed in characteristic spatial patterns in early Drosophila embryos.

Fixed, permeabilized embryos were stained with fluorescence-labeled antibodies specific for a particular protein. All embryos shown are positioned with anterior to the left and dorsal at the top. (a) These syncytial embryos were stained individually for the indicated gap-gene-encoded proteins. Transcription of the Krüppel, knirps, and giant gap genes is regulated by Hunchback, Bicoid, and Caudal. (b) This syncytial embryo was doubly stained to visualize Hunchback protein (red) and Krüppel protein (green). The yellow band identifies the region in which expression of these two gap proteins overlaps. (c) Double staining of an embryo at the beginning of gastrulation reveals even-skipped protein (yellow) and Fushi tarazu protein (orange). These two pair-rule gene products are expressed in alternating stripes. See text for discussion. [Part (a) adapted from G. Struhl et al., 1992, Cell 69:237. Parts (b) and (c) courtesy of M. Levine.]

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