▲ EXPERIMENTAL FIGURE 7-25 Expression of aquaporin by frog oocytes increases their permeability to water. Frog oocytes, which normally do not express aquaporin, were microinjected with mRNA encoding aquaporin. These photographs show control oocytes (bottom cell in each panel) and microinjected oocytes (top cell in each panel) at the indicated times after

transfer from an isotonic salt solution (0.1 mM) to a hypotonic salt solution (0.035 M). The volume of the control oocytes remained unchanged because they are poorly permeable to water. In contrast, the microinjected oocytes expressing aquaporin swelled because of an osmotic influx of water, indicating that aquaporin is a water-channel protein. [Courtesy of Gregory M. Preston and Peter Agre, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.]

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