▲ EXPERIMENTAL FIGURE 7-22 The activity of membrane transport proteins that regulate the cytosolic pH of mammalian cells changes with pH. Direction of ion transport is indicated above the curve for each protein. See the text for discussion. [See S. L. Alper et al., 2001, J. Pancreas 2:171, and S. L. Alper, 1991, Ann. Rev. Physiol. 53:549.]

for controlling the cytosolic pH (Figure 7-22). The two antiporters that operate to increase cytosolic pH are activated when the pH of the cytosol falls. Similarly, a rise in pH above 7.2 stimulates the Cl~/HCO3~ antiporter, leading to a more rapid export of HCO3~ and decrease in the cytosolic pH. In this manner the cytosolic pH of growing cells is maintained very close to pH 7.4.

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