Normal cell division creates more heterozygous cells:

Division after recombination creates a clone of mutant cells and a clone of wild-type cells:

(d) Creating marked mutants to assess the effects of lost gene function in single cells

The goal is to mark mutant cells created by FLP recombination as in (c). Flies are made that carry a gene encoding the yeast protein Gal80 under the control of a tubulin promoter that is active in all cells. This transgene is located on the chromosome that carries the wild-type allele of the gene of interest. All cells are engineered to make the yeast transcription factor Gal4 using a constitutive promoter (not shown). After recombination, Gal80 is present in the wild-type cell, where it blocks the activity of Gal4. In the mutant cell, no Gal80 is made and Gal4 acts on a UAS sequence to activate production of a fluorescent protein (GFP). In this way the mutant cells are marked with fluorescence at the same time that they lose their wild-type allele.

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