▲ FIGURE 19-10 Model of the complementary roles of profilin and thymosin |4 in regulating polymerization of G-actin. Actin subunits (pink) complexed with thymosin p4 (purple) dissociate (1 )and add to the end of a filament (2|). In the filament, ATP is hydrolyzed to ADP the ADP-associated subunit eventually dissociates from the opposite end of the filament (3), the ADP-G-actin forms a complex with profilin (green) ( 4|), and ATP exchanges with ADP to form ATP-G-actin (5). Profilin delivers actin monomers to the (+) end of actin filaments (6) or thymosin p4 sequesters the ATP-G-actin into a polymerization ready pool of subunits ( 7|).

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