of 11.4 days and similarly emits an a particle in its decay (5.98 MeV), whereas Ra (half-life 5.7 years) decays by release of a b particle. Radium is over a million times more radioactive than the same mass of uranium (90). Melting point: 700°C, boiling point: 1737°C, d: 5.5.

5.2 Production and Use

Radium is extremely scarce but may be found in uranium ores such as pitchblende at approximately

1 g/ton. The commonly occurring salts are the chloride, bromide, carbonate, and sulfate. Radium may be made on a very small scale by the electrolysis of molten radium chloride (90). Radium was discovered in the early twentieth century, and found medicinal uses and, because of its luminescence, use in the painting of watch and clock dials, as well as military instruments. Radium 226 228

therapy ( Ra) was accepted by the American Medical Association (AMA) for treatment of

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