Sensitivity of Energy Balance

Energy balance can be changed by altering energy intake, energy output, or both, as shown in the following examples. (1 pound (lbs.) of fat equals 3,500 kcal.)

Eati n g 1 extra chocolate chip cookie (65 kcal) each day for 1 year would be: 65 kcal x 365=23,725 kcal. This would add up at the end of the year to a total net weight gain of 6.8 lbs. (23,725 - 3,500).

Example 2:

If you maintain your kcal intake and run an extra mile per day, 5 days per week, you would expend an extra 100 kcal/mile x 5 miles/week x 52 weeks = 26,000 kcals per year. This would result in a net weight loss of 7.4 lbs. per year (26,000 - 3,500).

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