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Protein needs of strength athletes and endurance athletes are quite similar at 0.6 - 0.8 grams of proteins per pound of body weight.

This corresponds roughly to 10-15% of your total daily kcals. It is highly likely that your diet provides adequate proteins since most Americans consume proteins in excess of their needs. Use Worksheet 11-2 or Worksheet 2-2 (Chapter 2) to determine your protein needs.

Worksheet 11-2. Calculate Your Protein Needs

Body Weight =_lbs.

0.6 grams/lb x_lbs. =_grams proteins.

(Body weight)

0.8 grams/lb x_lbs. =_grams proteins.

(Body weight)

Your daily protein grams =_to_.

The High-Protein Myth

One of the most common myths is that eating high-protein diets and protein supplements leads to bigger muscles. Clearly, this is not the case! Muscle is only 20% proteins; the rest is water, minerals, lactic acid, and urea. Moreover, excessive protein intakes, mostly from protein supplements, can cause:

♦ Increased water needs.

♦ Greater demands on the liver and the kidneys.

♦ Imbalances in the essential amino acids.

♦ Diarrhea or abdominal cramps.

For these reasons, avoid protein powder drinks that provide excessive amounts of proteins or selected amino acids. Supplements can be very expensive, dangerous to your health, and they are quite unnecessary. Spend your money on a variety of foods for a balanced diet that will sufficiently meet your protein needs. Exercise to gain muscle!

Muscle is:

20% proteins, 75% water, and 5% inorganic salts, urea, and lactate.

Muscle is:

20% proteins, 75% water, and 5% inorganic salts, urea, and lactate.

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