Maintaining Healthy Habits

Once your "new" habit becomes a part of your routine and is performed effortlessly, you are maintaining, rather than adopting, this habit. Maintaining healthy habits during interruptions in

your regular routine (such as vacations or illness) can create challenges of its own. So how can you maintain your routine when faced with setbacks?

♦ Anticipate and try to avoid setbacks or upsets to your routine.

♦ Plan in advance how you will handle interruptions (e.g.vacation) to your schedule.

♦ Motivate yourself to restart your routine when things "return to normal". For example, give your workout buddy $20 before you go on vacation to keep on your behalf until you restart your exercise routine.

♦ Reward yourself once you have achieved maintenance for your goal. The reward should be appropriate for the goal attained (preferably non-food). For example: put $1 in a piggy bank for every workout you complete for a month and use it to buy yourself new exercise gear or a ticket to your favorite sporting event.

♦ Enhanced fitness builds self-confidence which is a powerful motivator!

Ultimately, your perceptions of the health and fitness benefits associated with healthy eating practices and regular exercise are important for maintaining healthy lifestyle behaviors. We hope that the information provided in this guide motivates you to follow healthy nutrition and physical fitness practices.

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