Beginning a Running Program

When starting a running program, combine walking and jogging. Gradually increase the time spent jogging and decrease the time spent walking. Remember that your exercise intensity should be between 60%-75% of your max HR, so adjust your pace accordingly. Table 6-2 outlines a beginning jogging program to help make your transition easier. Advance to the next phase once you can consistently perform the walk-jog cycles outlined within your target heart rate zone. If you are interested in running for fitness, a good goal is 6 to 8 miles per week, spread over 3 running days of 2 to 3 miles each. Start a running log to track your workouts (Worksheet B-1), noting mileage, time, heart rate, and perceived exertion (see Chapter 5).

Table 6-2. Beginning a Jogging Program



Time / Distance

Table 6-2. Beginning a Jogging Program

Phase 1:

1 to 2 min.

Work up to jogging 2 min. continuously.

20-30 min

Phase 2:

1 to 2 min.

Quarter mile (1 lap on a 440 meter track).

Jog six, quarter mile laps.

Phase 3:

1 min.

Half mile (2 laps on a 440 meter track).

Jog three, half mile laps.

Phase 4:

during warm-up and cool-down

1 mile continuously.

1-mile jog and 1-mile walk.

Phase 5:

during warm-up and cool-down.

Increase jog by quarter-mile increments until running 2 to 3 miles continuously.

2 to 3 miles.

Check heart rate frequently. It should be between 60 and 75% max HR. (see

Worksheet 5-1).

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